The primary task of the provision department is to ensure that the ship’s crew can work comfortably by supplying everything they need. We cooperate with foreign suppliers that make it possible to choose the best quality offer on the market.
We prepare the best offer to our customers provide the fastest delivery and economic convenience at the lowest cost. As a result, we aim for long-term cooperation.


As Evolution Ship Supply, we stock and supply various cabin, dock, engine consumables, and spare parts which we receive from the manufacturers that have proven themselves across Turkey and worldwide. We set an example for other companies in the sector with the supply chain methods we adopt and our ability to meet customer demands in the fastest way possible.
We quickly and economically provide everything you need, from all marine equipment to electrical cables and marine paints.


 As Evolution Ship Supply, we aim to maintain and improve the quality of our services and ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction in the field of cooperation (quality of work, delivery time, and business cost). We aim to provide a high-quality service experience to ship owners, operators, and managers.
We offer you short delivery times, and our dedicated technical teams will work hard to ensure your vessel has minimal downtime.


We do our best to ensure that our customers run smooth commercial operations, fulfill requests from ship owners and crew as soon as possible, and continuously monitor the ship operations of all interested parties.