Evolution Ship Supply was established in 1958 in Istanbul, the heart of trade in the region and the supply center for commercial ships. With more than 50 years of experience, we aim to fulfill national and international maritime needs.
We are a high-level company that can serve in all the Turkish ports and straits with a team of experts technically equipped, morally responsible, and set priority for quick service.
Evolution Ship Supply follows all the innovations worldwide, starting with Turkey, and has adopted quality and stability as its touchstone in the light of the 100% customer satisfaction principle.
Evolution Ship Supply, with its happy customer portfolio, looks at the future with faith and always aims to grow and develop.


While meeting our customers' expectations, we aim not to give up quality, stability, and innovative style within the framework of healthy and safe working conditions.


To maintain our market leadership stability by targeting the reliability and sustainability of the services we offer. While providing this, our vision is to take firm steps towards becoming a leading company by following the developments in the sector.


Customer Happiness

Our only goal is to provide our customers with quality and stable products and services. We apply high-level financial management to provide affordable services. We aim to offer our products and services promptly and thoroughly. We do not discriminate against our customers based on their religion, language, race, or national origin, and we adopt the same quality standard in all our work.

Community and Environmental Awareness

As a company: While we strive to set an excellent example for the society we live in, we also aim to participate in activities that benefit the community. All our activities are based on ecological balance; We aim to use energy, raw materials, and natural resources efficiently.

Communication with Employees

In all departments within our company, while we offer our employees the most favorable working conditions, we also provide them with opportunities to develop their talents and skills. With our employer policy based on the merit system, we always make wages that support determination and stability. To ensure that all personal and corporate problems are solved immediately, we do not put communication barriers between our employees and us.

The Ethics of Competition

We know that the diversity in the sector contributes to the development of the industry, and we compete within the framework of legal and ethical rules.